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General Inquires:

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Catherine Benham - Chief Fiscal Officer
(802) 828-0111
General Fiscal Issues, Office Management, Federal and State Fiscal Policy, Information Technology, Education, and other subjects as needed
Sarah Clark - Deputy Fiscal Officer
(802) 828-5769
General Fiscal Issues, Health and Human Services, Federal and State Fiscal Policy, Information Technology, Assistance with Office management, and other subjects as needed.

Overall budget expertise and serves a key role in the development of the budget bills and related issues. Provides fiscal research and support services to the Legislature. Monitors the fiscal operations of the State including revenues, budgeting and expenditures.
Stephanie Barrett - Associate Fiscal Officer
(802) 828-5973
Senate Appropriations, Medicaid
Overall budget expertise and shared responsibility for drafting and production of the annual budget bill. Maintains annual analysis of the General Fund for fiscal year budgetary balance and near and short term growth. Provides analysis and assistance on other activities and legislation with fiscal impacts or dimensions. Represents JFO as part of the multi-agency joint staff Medicaid budget recommendation and year-end report.
Maria Belliveau - Associate Fiscal Officer
(802) 828-5971
House Appropriations, Energy
Provides budget expertise and support to the House Appropriations committee, member of the team that drafts and produces the annual budget bill, provides support and analysis in a variety of other areas as requested.
Joyce Manchester - Senior Economist/Associate Fiscal Officer
(802) 828-3099
Health Care Finance, Data and Economic Analysis
The Senior Economist provides policy analysis and research to the legislature on a variety of fiscal issues and works on current issues under consideration by the legislature as needed. In general, issues that come to the senior economist require deeper and more long-term analysis than the usual matters analyzed by JFO. Recent issues analyzed include minimum wage, paid family leave, health care financing, tax and fiscal policy, state and regional economic analysis, demographic challenges, and decarbonization methods.
Sorsha Anderson - Senior Staff Associate
(802) 828-5622
House Committee on Ways and Means; Monitors and facilitates the JFO approval process of State grants; Provides fiscal note tracking and website support
Graham Campbell - Senior Fiscal Analyst
(802) 828-5768
Analyzes and estimates personal income, corporate income, sales and use, meals and rooms, and other non-property, non-transportation taxes. Also monitors State economic development programs, including Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and the Vermont Employment Growth Incentive (VEGI).
Daniel Dickerson - Senior Fiscal Analyst
(802) 828-2472
Coordinates the budgeting and financial operations for the legislative branch. Provides fiscal support for the capital bill. Provides research and analysis for ad hoc fiscal issues.
Jeremy Fonte - Systems Analyst
(802) 828-5968
Software Development
Creates and maintains software solutions for the Joint Fiscal Office and the legislative budget as a whole. Also creates data visualizations and GIS maps.
Chrissy Gilhuly - Senior Staff Associate
(802) 828-5969
Senate Appropriations, Health Reform Oversight Committee, Production of Budget and Budget Adjustment Bills and HR Administrator.
Nolan Langweil - Senior Fiscal Analyst
(802) 828-1043
Health Care Finance
Health and human services related issues including health care reform, Medicaid, health insurance, and other health care finance related issues.
Julia Richter - Fiscal Analyst
(802) 828-6419
Primary responsibility focuses on education finance analysis, as well as federal funds investments including climate change, broadband, and clean water.
Chris Rupe - Senior Fiscal Analyst
(802) 828-5977
Transportation, pensions, other post-employment benefits
Transportation Fund and Transportation Infrastructure Bond Fund revenues; Annual Transportation Bill and related issues; Environmental issues related to transportation.
State and teachers pensions, other post-employment benefits.
Patrick Titterton - Fiscal Analyst
(802) 828-6429
Primary responsibility concerns all aspects of revenue analysis and assisting the Senior Fiscal Analyst who does revenues; secondary responsibility is assisting with analyzing statewide investments using federal funds.
Theresa Utton-Jerman - Senior Staff Associate
(802) 828-5767
Provides support to the House Committee on Appropriations, Legislative Joint Fiscal Committee, and the Joint Transportation Oversight Committee. Public Records Officer, Project Manager for the New Member Orientation,and the annual publication of the Fiscal Facts Booklet, and assists in the budget production and organizes Legislative Briefings.